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  • Re: Snowmen ornaments

    No screw eyes. I drilled 1/16" holes in the top of the bell and the top of the ringer and CA glued a piece of .8mm stretch cord into the holes. I didn't want to try to install the screw eyes into the small ringer (it was bad enough drilling the hole) nor by reaching into the bell mouth to screw one in. I did use spring loaded tweezers to feed the stretch cord into the hole.
  • Lacewood and yellow heart box

    I've had trouble locating the correct sized hinges for some of the boxes I've made in the past. For this one, I made the hinges first and kind of built
    the box around the hinges. I just wasn't sure how I was going to mount them until the very end. I ended up insetting them 1/8" into the back and gluing them in place.

  • Re: Boxes - what am I doing wrong here?

    I think both @Dan McLeod & @frehleycomet are hitting the nail on the head. If your fence is not parallel to the blade, any rip cuts to make the box sides could cause the box to be slightly tweaked. Running the assembled box through that misalignment will compound the issue. Another contributing factor can be the fence face not being square to the table
    Once assembled, both the top and bottom of the box should sit flush on a flat surface (table saw top), as should all 4 sides. When doing separation cuts, always run the same surface against the fence. I install an extra tall auxiliary fence over my normal fence so I have more of the box's lid or base in contact to reduce any fluctuations caused by surface irregularities. I've also changed from cutting where the blade just cuts through the walls to cutting just shy of cutting through the walls (leave about 1/32" connecting the top and bottom). This eliminates issues caused by shimming/taping the halves together to complete the cuts. The mismatches I see now are typically less than .010" and are easily sanded flush with some 180 grit affixed to a flat surface. Alignment is even better when I got my band saw that can handle a 13" box depth (and the kerf loss is only .025" instead of .125").
  • Re: Not a pen...

    Love it! I'm going to steal this :)
  • Gun display box for a friend.

    I've wanted to do this for some time, and finally got everything together to do so. I used solid ash with book matched top and bottom panels and finger joints for the carcase corners. I used a water based grain filler on the outside of the box, then finished with 7 coats of clear lacquer. I wish I'd have thought to fill the grain on the underside of the lid prior to assembly. Oh, well.
    The biggest pain in the kiester was getting the felt/foam insert done. It isn't perfect, but good enough. I tried several different methods, including a liquid foam but didn't get the results I was looking for. I settled on using 3 layers of 3/8" EVA foam with the gun cut out through two layers, the magazine cutout through 1 layer. The felt on the bottom of the cutouts was cut oversize and glued between layers. The sides of the cutouts was glued, then the covering was glued over and cutout once in place.