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  • Re: Snowmen ornaments

    You're welcome @buddystacy. I'm going crazy trying to keep up with the demand for them. I'm hoping to take at least a dozen to a craft show in less than 2 weeks.
    I need to figure out how to chuck up the craft sticks to use those instead of the padauk.
  • Gun display box for a friend.

    I've wanted to do this for some time, and finally got everything together to do so. I used solid ash with book matched top and bottom panels and finger joints for the carcase corners. I used a water based grain filler on the outside of the box, then finished with 7 coats of clear lacquer. I wish I'd have thought to fill the grain on the underside of the lid prior to assembly. Oh, well.
    The biggest pain in the kiester was getting the felt/foam insert done. It isn't perfect, but good enough. I tried several different methods, including a liquid foam but didn't get the results I was looking for. I settled on using 3 layers of 3/8" EVA foam with the gun cut out through two layers, the magazine cutout through 1 layer. The felt on the bottom of the cutouts was cut oversize and glued between layers. The sides of the cutouts was glued, then the covering was glued over and cutout once in place.

  • Re: Ok, yeah, one is a pen, but the other 2 aren't...

    Nice work @buddystacy !
  • Re: Safety question - table saw slicing hardwood blocks

    I bought a new bandsaw specifically to do this type of cut. I was always a bit nervous resawing on the table saw, even though I've taken every safety measure I could think of doing. It does get nerve wracking as the thickness decreases. The method @Ted Berg mentioned is probably the safest way on the table saw - leaving all of the final cuts until all of the table saw work was complete (leaving as much thickness as possible to keep the piece stable).
    The bandsaw (Laguna 14BX with a Resaw King blade) really makes the resawing effort simpler, faster and safer. It also leaves more of the board intact (IIRC, the kerf is .038").
  • Walnut crotch jewelry box

    Picked up a nice walnut crotch on the cheap and made a jewelry box. Lid frame and interior dividers are curly maple. Carcase is hard maple with walnut trim. Finished using shellac. Drawer pull is a finger relief from the underside. Box measures approximately 12½" w x 10¼" d x 7½" t.

    top view