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  • Re: Gum Tree bowl

    The Gum tree bowl is now finished. I added a couple coats of Tung oil and it darkened it nicely. The finished bowl is 4" tall and 6" diameter.

  • Gum Tree bowl

    Here is a new one for me, I'm turning a bowl from a Gum tree.

    The wood is very wet and it dulls my tools quickly, but the pith is very interesting. I'm hoping it doesn't warp too much and that the pith doesn't crack too much.

  • Flaming Box Elder pens

    I had a few pieces of Box Elder lying around and decided to see what it looked like as a pen. I do love the red features.

    I'm still new at turning pens and my quality probably isn't to the level of some of the other turners on here, such as @John_In_KS , but I sure am enjoying it.

  • Recycled Desk

    My daughter "rescued" a writing desk that was being thrown out with someone's trash. She thought it would be great if I teach her how to restore furniture; quite an adventure, for sure.

    The desk was in poor shape but, after disassembling it, trimming the rounded joints, squaring the shoulders of the warped legs, making a new top out of cherry, and reassembling... I'm pleased with the final result. Who said you can't teach a 20-something child a new skill? I was a good time with great memories made along the way.

    The wood was so dry I didn't think it would ever stop drinking Danish Oil.

  • First Pen & Pencil set with curled cherry.

    These are turned from a piece of cherry that was given to me by a friend that got it from a local glass factory (Blenko Glass). He told me what they use the wood for, but I have forgotten what he said. Regardless, the curl in it is beautiful. I had to keep my tools sharp or the wood would blow apart on the mandrel. Ask me how I know... ;)